Ordaining Officials

 Apostle Ernest Taylor and Prophetess Barbara Taylor ( Kingdom Covenant Fellowship International Ministries)


Apostle Dr. Ernest Taylor, along with his wife Prophetess Dr. Barbara Taylor is the anointed founder and pastor of Word of Life Ministries, one of the most progressive churches in Lake County. Founded in 1998, Word of Life Ministries is a unique ministry where God truly manifests His glory. They have been married for over 36 years and have been blessed with two daughters, one son-in-law and three grandchildren. Dr. Taylor received his Evangelical Teachers Training and Association Certificate from Wheaton College and a degree from Logos Ministerial Institute in 1990. He holds a Doctorate in Theology which he received in June 2004 from The North Carolina College of Theology in Carolina City, Carolina.

Dr. Taylor was formerly employed by the City of Waukegan Water Plant for over 20 years and his reputation is that of a man of integrity and great leadership. Known in the spiritual community as a no-nonsense, uncompromising minister of the Gospel, his intellectual scriptural approach and his intense oratorical style, stimulates the intellect of people on all levels of life. Dr. Taylor’s approach to Outreach Ministry is distinctive. His motto is “You can’t save all, but you must save all that you can.” This belief has spilled over into the community and manifested itself in the form of Word of Life Ministries annual Men’s Conference “Iron Sharpening Iron”, which draws men from various nationalities, races, denominations, cities and states who are eager to allow God to restore them to be the priest, provider, and protector of their homes.

In 2003, Dr. Taylor was nominated and received the award for the Most Influential African American Religious Leader in Lake County. On February 25, 2005, he was ordained as an Apostle by Bishop Harold Calvin Ray of Redemptive Life Fellowship Church in West Palm Beach, Fla. In September of 2007 Dr. Taylor embarked on a life altering ministry assignment to Jos, Nigeria where God used him mightily and the community adopted him as “The Preacher of Nigeria”, he returned from his trip enlightened and more determined to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Heart Of God Church of Deliverance Outreach International Ministries

C.O.G.T.I.C.J.  Overseers

Pastor Roderick L. Maupin, and Prophetess Felecia S. Maupin hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma and Peekskill, New York respectively. They founded and pastor the Heart of God Church of Deliverance Outreach International ministries in Chula Vista, CA. They are military cultured with over 46 years of active duty military service and experience combined. Their brand is that of hospitality, outreach, reconciliation, restoration, teaching and manifestation through the Spirit and Power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their motto is simple, “Holiness is still right, walk in it!” God has anointed and is raising this dynamic ministry team up to minister to the hard places; he has mandated them to carry and deliver the message of his heart to the world through the message of Jesus Christ, God’s Love, and his redemptive work on the cross by the power of his Spirtt

Roderick L. Maupin


Pastor Rod is a Graduate of Liberty University, majoring with a Bachelors of Science degree in Multidisciplinary studies with a concentration in Religion and Business Administration. He also holds Associates of Art’s degrees in Management and Computer systems from Coastline Community College. He has a Biblical Studies certification through Ames International School of Ministry Fort Myers, FL. His ministry serves as a extension site for Ames International School of Ministry in Chula Vista, Ca were he teaches and certifies students in Biblical Studies. He retired from the United States Navy August 31, 2012 completing 26 years of Active Duty as Senior Chief Information’s Systems Technician. He is currently attending Mueller Holistic College of San Diego, Ca were he is pursuing his certification as a California Association Drug and Alcohol Counselor.


Leomia Wade /Isha Wade

Children Ministries

children ministries@church4god.org


                                                                Henry Wade Elder/ Pastor

     Pastor Henry is from Burlington NC, He join the United State Navy in 1989. He served in Japan on the U.S.S.  Midwy where he met Yukiko Kubo. In 1991 they got married and now have 6 wonderful children Isha, Kai, Riku, Leomia, Kuu, and Roni. Pastor Henry have a passion for God and God's truths. He is always saying "let God be true and every man a liar."  He believes every teaching must line up with scriptures. He also believes  in teaching  the Gospel of Jesus Christ  as a sound doctrine  . 

     Pastor Henry was station in San Diego in fall of 2003 Where he worked at 32nd street. In 2009, he retired from the Navy and felt God calling him to stay in San Diego to be a pastor. He served as a lay leader/ minster while in the military. He also served many offices as a teacher and minster. He believes that a Christian life should reflect the life of Christ. He teaches the bible with authority and passion, but with the simplicity. He believes the simplicity of the Gospel and foundation teaching should be taught in the church. He is sometimes called a New Testament Minster. His sole Purpose is to preach Christ and him crucified. He believes a person's faith shouldn't stand on man's wisdom and teaching but God's truth and power. Pastor Henry believes God and His words are spiritual and life, and he believes the minster of his word must also be spiritual. He believes a person must be born again and must walk in the spirit. And also, man should operate in the power of the Spirit.

     He holds the office at C.O.G.T.I.C.J  as the Elder  pastor/overseer and teacher. He take that role seriously.  He believes that a pastor's responsibility is to feed  and take care of the flock. He believe the way of doing that is to be a ensample, not lordship. He believes the pastor is a member of the church and not the owner of the church.He believes the head of the Church is Christ Jesus and Christ alone. He also believes the role of the pastor is  a Mentor, a big brother, or a father figure. He believes that discipleship starts by taking up the cross and following Jesus, than help and teach other to do the same. Feel free to talk to pastor Henry or drop him a e-mail (pastorhenry@church4god.org)

C.O.G.T.I.C.J   Staff

Church of God That is in Christ Jesus

International Ministries

Felecia S. Maupin


 Prophetess Felecia is a gifted intercessor that has a passion for prayer and deliverance whom God has called to the nations and their leaders. She walks clearly in the Prophetic office and ministers diligently and wholeheartedly the things of the Father. She retired from the United States Navy as Yeoman First Class in July 31, 2005 after serving 20 years. She is currently a student at Christ Temple Apostolic University International where she is pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Theology. She is an active community advocate facilitating Women’s Community Bible studies monthly in Chula Vista, Ca, in addition to ministering monthly to the homeless at God’s Extended Hand San Diego, Ca, and Paradise Valley senior living facility.